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Janie Murnane

Janie Murnane
CFO, Board Manager


Janie has been with Design Basics since 1996 as the CFO and moved into the President role in 2009. As of January 2016, she moved back into the role of CFO. She is also on the Board of Managers for Design Basics, LLC.


Janie’s background includes over 14 years as the CFO and Director of Marketing for a senior living and retirement center where she oversaw the financial reporting and marketing departments. She is well-versed in strategic planning, auditing, and writing position, vision, and mission statements. Capitalizing on her experience with strategic planning, Janie was instrumental in restructuring Design Basics during the housing market slump.


Janie and her husband, Mike, enjoy traveling, playing golf, and hiking. They even joined a rock and mineral club to learn how to find treasures and make jewelry in a lapidary workshop. Over the years, her family has had over 15 boxer breed dogs that have brought much joy to their lives. Though she was born in Oklahoma, graduated high school in Colorado, and now lives in Arizona, Janie still considers Omaha, Nebraska, her home town and is a big Creighton Bluejays and Nebraska Husker fan.


Janie holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bellevue University, with a focus in business, finance, and management. Her passion for realizing success coupled with her strength of initiating change has been a valuable resource for Design Basics’ continuing success.


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