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Carl Cuozzo, Carl Cuozzo Designs, Inc.,Senior Project Manager and Designer

Carl Cuozzo
Senior Designer, Board Manager


Carl has over 25 years combined experience at Design Basics. As the Senior Designer, Carl has designed thousands of single- and multi-family homes, ranging from less than 800 square feet to over 18,000 square feet for customers in the United States, as well as throughout North America, Russia, China, and other international locations.


Carl is well-versed in all aspects of construction drawings, including drafting, estimating, and designing. He has also worked for a developer where he managed five acreage communities as well as being involved in the creation of two new communities.


Carl and his wife, Jena, have one son – Christian – and an English bulldog (who runs the show!). They enjoy attending Christian’s hockey games and watching baseball. Carl is a black belt and teaches Tae Kwon Do in his spare time.


Carl holds an Associate Degree in Drafting and Design, and a Bachelor Degree in Construction Engineering. He also has earned a Bible Knowledge certificate. Carl is instrumental in helping Design Basics’ customers realize their dream home as every home or project he works on is a “highlight” for him, “I am honored when a customer chooses me to help them develop their dreams.”


Contact Carl:


Phone: 1.800.947.7526 x 130

Email: ccuozzo@designbasics.com



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